C4 Crowd Funding

C4Crowdfunding is a great way of helping people raise funding for their own projects with the help of direct donations and community funding.

Where as other platforms may take a large percentage of all the transactions that people donate to your project, our donations are made direct to your own account from the donator making the payment. This effectively gives you 100% of the donations as we do not process the payments and charge fees on each transaction.

On top of this, the community funding blocks gives every member the ability to create unlimited funding through the community build process, generating funding contributions towards your own project. Donation pledges and C4 funding contributions are displayed in your project to show the level of funds your project has raised.

Direct Funding

Your project has a DONATE button which you link directly into your own payment account and anyone that wants to help your project can then make a direct donation immediately to your project.

Other platforms may only send you the money if your project reaches your goal or take big commissions off your donations before you receive them. Our platform allows you to get the donations DIRECT.

Unlimited C4 Funding Blocks

Your membership gives you an entry into the community funding which generates contributions towards your project. These funding blocks have automatic re-entries and upgrades to higher funding blocks levels.

There is no limit to the number of funding blocks that your membership can generate.

Earning Commissions

You can also earn referral commissions on helping promoting your project and building the community membership. This pays down four levels of commission on memberships with our $10-5-2-1.

Members can also choose to come in with higher funding block levels, so that they can maximise on their projects initial contribution funding blocks.