Fund Raising

C4 Crowdfunding is a community of people promoting their projects within a team. There is a sales referral commission that is paid direct to you for the team build that takes place within the membership with the $10-5-2-1 sales referral commissions paid down 4 levels.

As the community grows, the number of people contributing to the funding within the membership will increase in our team build and funds will be shown for your project from C4 funding directly into your project.

Each member starts with a funding block that generates funds through the community build. This first funding block has three floors in a tower block that fills up with positions, with an automatic re-entry for another three floors to raise funds in the tower block. Each set of tower block floors will generate $60 in contributions, an automatic re-entry and an upgrade to a condominium block.

The condominium block has three floors and generates $450 in funding contributions as well as an automatic re-entry to add another 3 floors in the condominium block and an upgrade to the Penthouse Suites.

The Penthouse suites are added three floors at a time and generate $2600 for each set of 3 floors.

Funds are paid out on certain windows in the tower block filling and making immediate contributions into your project on sets of 3 windows filling up. This is the accumulated and paid out on a weekly basis as funds paid into your project.

Your business will end up with three sets of towers starting with the Tower block, Condominium block and Penthouse Suites block, each with multiple floors raising contributions towards your project as multiple funding blocks.