C4 Crowdfunding

C4 Crowdfunding is a place where you can get help fulfilling your Dreams, While there are many Crowdfunding sites and platforms on the internet, we offer a backup to your fund raising effort, we have a community driven system that can bring the money you need from within our community of members.

As people come into our community you can earn sales  commission which are given from community members to you, which helps you with your project goals. Our platform gives you access to fully edit your project whenever you need to, all the funds raised go directly to you. 

What is Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been around since the beginning of the growth of communities, It is a system of raising funds by reaching out to family, friends, and neighbours, even investors who may be interested in your project.

Crowdfunding tends to come as a series of small contribution and if you have promoted your project skilfully by leveraging your connections, or the Media.

A successful project campaign in a sense is like going on the road promoting and seeking the maximum amount of exposure like a candidate running for office, It does not sit idle waiting for money to come knocking at your door. There are several tools you can use to get exposure, the main one many use today is the internet, but you can also get the word out via radio and television, Crowdfunding is a polite way of saying "Help me fulfil my dreams".

It is very helpful to promote your own project with the use of social media tools and keep people informed on what is going on with your project goals. Simply pasting up a page and expecting results is not an effective way to promote a project, people like to know what they are supporting and receive feedback and news updates.

100% Funding

C4Crowdfunding gives you 100% of the funds and donations your project raises. People interested in your project can click on the DONATE button and pay directly into your paypal account. The C4 Funds generated through our team building platform gives you unlimited funding blocks which generate C4 Funds for your project paid through our Trucash card solution on a weekly basis. You can also earn from our $10-5-2-1 sales referral program for sharing in the team building effort.

While we can not guarantee you will reach your target goal in a specific time, you will receive all funds made through donations and from C4 funding blocks without any commissions taken away from the funds raised. You can edit your project and add updates at any time to keep it current and keep people informed. Donations go direct into your paypal account from the end user. Funding blocks generated from our system are paid onto your Trucash debit card from the C4 platform each week.

Promote Your Project

While C4Crowdfunding will do everything to promote your project, you need to start the ball rolling by marketing and promoting your project page using your social networking skills. Put your link into your social media profiles and use active accounts such as facebook and twitter to let people know you need to raise funds for your project. Promotion is the key to success in getting any business of the ground, the same applies to raising funds. Be active in promoting your project!