Unlimited Funding

Your project can receive unlimited funding from direct donations from people visiting your pages. You need to help promote your own project by using social marketing and links to promote your project. Use your social media to share your project with other people that you already have online as friends.

By sharing the community you will help build your team of people in the community. This will generate you a sales referral commission for each person introduced into the community down 4 levels in your team with the $10-5-2-1 personal commissions.

As people join in the community, they all get a set of funding blocks that generate contributions towards projects with automatic re-entries to generate more funding blocks and higher levels of funding in the Condominium and Penthouse suites.

Each tower block generates $60 funding contributions, a $25 product bonus and an entry into the Condominium block as well as a re-entry to add another three floors onto the Tower block.

The Condominium block generates $450 funding contributions paid out in $50 blocks. There is an automatic Condominium re-entry and an upgrade into the Penthouse Suites.

The Penthouse suites generate $2600 paid out in blocks of $200 as funding contributions.

You can come into the program at the member entry with a Tower block entry. You can also come in at the higher levels to benefit from the team builds coming in at the Condominium and Penthouse levels or wait for automatic upgrades to the next levels.