Your Project

As a member of C4 Crowdfunding you can set out your project page with content to inform people about you, what your project is about and how you will use the funds raised to get your project moving.

Your project can be about anything you are passionate about and can be a personal project, help with a medical problem, getting a new business off the ground or even a charity that will help others. You set a goal figure that you need to achieve to make a difference and funding can be raised in several ways.

People that like your project can make a direct donation to you with the DONATE button linked directly in to your own Paypal account. This will then be totalled up as direct donations in your project.

The second form of funding is from our community sharing the program with other people wanting to raise funds for their own project. We share the membership contributions out with our community with team building referrals paid down four levels which is paid direct to you. This generates funding blocks within our community and pays funds into your project through funding blocks.

Your project can generate unlimited funding blocks in three levels. These contributions are then paid into your project as C4 Community funding.